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        I have been a stylist for about 9 years and a makeup artist for 3 years. I had my license in natural hair in 2013 where I worked from home. In 2016 I enroll in Cosmetology School at Empire Beauty School, which is where I found my love for makeup. I graduated in 2017 and have been hitting the pavement ever since.

        I have done several fashion shows in Greensboro, Charlotte, and Virginia as an stylist as well as an makeup artist. I have worked with an local modeling agency as a makeup artist which as has allowed me to work with an celebrity stylist and become an published artist.


As a granddaughter of a cosmologist, I spend many of my days sitting in the floor of my  the grandmother's kitchen watching her give clients advice, recipes, and above all, a style that would have them coming back. I didn’t realize until much later that watching her would inspire me to have that same love.

My ultimate goal is to give my clients a one of a kind experience with every visit. I would like to ultimately retire from cosmetology and mentor young girls in the beauty industry. 

The Vision

The Beginning 

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